Carton Care

Properly prepped cartons can help your school on its way to becoming a clean, green, creative machine! It’s not difficult, but it does take some planning.

Work with the foodservice personnel and other school employees to create a process for students to collect, rinse, and dry cartons.

Cartons come in several different sizes and can be found in any grocery store. Feel free to bring in cartons from home to enhance your school’s carton creation.

IMPORTANT: You will need to allow the rinsed-out cartons to dry for 2+ days in a proper receptacle. Cartons should be left in open air, not sealed in a bag, to prevent mold and mildew.

Once there is a process in place in your school, be sure to communicate it to teachers, foodservice staff, and students. Also, let them know who to go to if they have questions.

Use these downloadable posters to communicate the contest and instruct on how to care for the cartons.